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thoms rail dry wash polish product

Looking for products?

If you don't need services but are interested in our concept: we can be your preferred supplier! 

All our products and tools are available for purchase including the necessary MSDS and approvals. 

We can also provide training to help your organisation to implement our unique and sustainable concept. 

About the THOMS Products

THOMS Rail was established with only one goal: Sharing our knowledge about train and bus appearance through our own manufactured products so we can help people and the planet.  

Unmatched appearance  • Durable  • Minimum use of water

We want to share this technology, our enthusiasm and solutions with you. 
THOMS provides an eco-orientated and friendly approach that reduces cost and enhances efficiency. The more we share our concept, the better for our planet Earth. 
We maintain partnerships with leading chemical companies to ensure we continually use products that are fit for purpose and respect the environment.

All the products are approved by the designated branch organisations and are made with years of experience. 

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

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