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Dry Wash Services

IMPACT WorX specialises in washing trains and buses in a durable manner. We use different kinds of Dry Wash solutions, this way we can save up to 3000 litres of water for one train carriage.

All washes can be performed in less than 5 hours at any location with an experienced and trained team. Delivering a shiny train with minimum IMPACT on the environment.

Dry Wash Polish

The Dry Wash Polish is a product that we use inside maintenance stations or outside with dry weather conditions. The product contains a carnauba wax, leaving the surface shiny and protected against all kinds of dirt and sunray. Due to this protection, the wash interval can be reduced by 50%. 

These services can be performed during maintenance. Thus, no extra time needs to be scheduled for washing. Moreover, transportation to a washing facility is not necessary which saves time, costs and logistic hustle. 

With this Dry Wash service, we can save 3000 litres of water per train carriage. This is a reduction of 95%! Besides that, there is no chemical spillage in our Dry Wash that can be spilled on the ground. It is a safe product for people and the planet. 

At a Glance:


Water-based products: No alkaline or petrolium


EN 45545 and aviation approvals


95% less water usage towards washing facilities


Zero (chemical) spillage on the ground


No extra time or special transportation needed

sustainable drywash concept by impact worx

Semi-Dry Wash

The Semi-Dry Wash is ideal to use in humid or wet conditions outside. We can perform this service at any location: shunting yards, stations or maintenance facilities. There is again no need for transportation to a designated washing facility. 

While this product is a Semi-Dry Wash, we are still able to save up to 95% of water and deliver high-quality results. With our Semi-Dry Wash concept, there will be no spillage on the ground. All the dirt, fly rust and pollution will be absorbed into our cloths. Leaving no residues in the environment and ground water.  

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